Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons--Popeye in Let's Celebrake

The new year of 2009 is about to begin next week. For today's Saturday Morning Cartoons, I found a very interesting Popeye cartoon Let's Celebrake. This 1938 cartoon has Popeye and Bluto strolling over to Olive Oil's place to pick her up for a New Year's evening of dancing and celebration. They are met at the door by Olive Oil's grandmother, who is staying home New Year's Eve, knitting by the fireplace. Popeye feels a little sympathetic that Olive's grandmother will be home alone, so he brings her along to the party. At the party, Bluto asks to dance with Olive Oil, while Popeye ends up trying to dance with a shaky Grandma. Wimpy then announces a dance contest with the prize being a loving cup. Who will win the dance contest? Bluto and Olive Oil, or Popeye and Grandma? I will not divulge the outcome of this contest, however, Popeye's spinach is used, and this is one of the few Popeye cartoons where both Bluto and Popeye do not get into a fisticuffs fight--where Popeye usually wins the fight over Bluto because he "eats his spinach." With that, have a Happy New Year enjoying Popeye in Let's Celebrake! From YouTube:

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