Thursday, January 29, 2009

GOP Economics 101

I found this interesting detail through The Washington Monthly, and even I'm just as incredulous on the GOP's thinking on economic policy. But the source for this little detail is from The New York Times:

Representative Virginia Foxx, Republican of North Carolina, said that former President George Bush’s signature tax cuts in 2001 had created years of growth but that the nation’s problems started when Democrats regained majorities in Congress in the 2006 elections.

To be honest, I even missed this detail in my own posting on the NY Times story.

But getting back to the story, if I'm reading Congresswoman Virginia Foxx correctly, the housing bubble-and-bust, the subprime mortgage mess, the Wall Street financial meltdown due to the gambling on over-valued subprime mortgages, and the deepening U.S. recession as a result of the mortgage and financial problems are to be blamed on the Democrats for taking control of Congress. Had the Democrats not gained control of Congress, then the Bush tax cuts would have created many years of growth--and we wouldn't be in this economic and financial mess that we are currently in.

Is this lady a frickin' moron?

I'm trying to think of anything that the Democrats did, regarding legislation, that could have caused such a downturn in the U.S. economy when they regained control of Congress in 2006. Unfortunately, the Democrats didn't do anything. Whatever legislation they brought up was eventually filibustered by the Republicans, while then-President George W. Bush continued rubber-stamping his political policies down Congress' throat. There is no reasoning here on Representative Foxx's statement. Foxx is continuing this insane blather to continue angering her own, crazed, base with lies and hypocrisy. It is all she knows how to do. Foxx is hoping that she will generate enough GOP anger into votes to remove Democratic control of Congress, and possibly the White House, during the next two election cycles. Foxx is playing election politics here.

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