Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons--For Scent-imental Reasons

It is a Valentines Day weekend. And to celebrate Valentines Day, there is only one cartoon character who shows us the true nature of being in love--yes, we're talking about Pepe Le Pew! Here is Pepe in his 1949, Academy Award winning cartoon For Scent-imental Reasons. Directed by the great Chuck Jones, this short film is unique in that ABC had cut out two suicide sequences for television viewing. The first was where the female cat, later named Penelope Pussycat, had locked herself in a glass case, with Pepe arguing for her to come out. Penelope refuses, pantomiming that Pepe stinks. Pepe pulls out a gun, points it to his head, and then walks out of sight. Moments later, the gun is fired. A horrified Penelope rushes out of the case, and into the arms of Pepe, who tells her, "I missed, fortunately for you," continuing his lavish kisses on Penelope. A second suicide sequence was also cut out, where Penelope stands on a window sill, threatening to jump. Pepe believes that Penelope is trying to prove her love to him by committing suicide, and that he will save her. Pepe grabs Penelope, but then drops her. Pepe declares his own love for Penelope, saying "Vive l'amour! We die together." Pepe falls into a paint can, while Penelope falls into a barrel of water. ABC cut the scene of Pepe trying to save Penelope from jumping, and the line "We die together." This is the uncut version, showing both suicide scenes. From YouTube:

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