Thursday, March 12, 2009

CNBC verses Jon Stewart Part Deux

It appears that the war between CNBC and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart is heating up. Now Mad Money's Jim Cramer and MSNBC's toadie Joe Scarborough want to get into the fight with Jon Stewart, after Stewart ripped CNBC's Rick Santelli. Don't these bobbleheads know that they cannot defeat a genius of satirical comedy as Jon Stewart? I guess not:


da' divinely beautiful butterfly said...

The genius of Jon Stewart is that finally the average viewer has an outlet that captures and feeds the view in such a humoursly erudite way. The average Joe, ( not the plumber) is overwhelmed by the madness brought about by the "Free Press" nee media, or this Three Ring Circus as you qualify it....that in order to get through it all, we need to laugh at it! And the Daily Show provides that much needed view of the irony of watching the Emperor with No Clothes palpable.

So to answer your question of course Folks at CNBC or NBC don't get it...they're part of the problem...the feeding frenzy to attract viewers to increase ratings to garner a paycheck...a big fat paycheck regardless if what they're doing is worthy.

I think what The Daily Show produces is there! :-p

Eric A Hopp said...

Butterfly: The real irony here is that, even though the Daily Show and Colbert Report are biting comedies over current news events, the reporting they do on the news events are sometimes superior to the actual MSM stations that actually report the news. And you are right--the MSM gatekeepers of the news events will report only whatever will generate ratings and profit for their huge corporations, and not provide news and information Americans need for making critical choices--be it financial or political. It is just incredible.