Thursday, March 25, 2010

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham refuses to work with Democrats, saying "well has been poisoned."

I found this story through the Washington Monthly. Seems like South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has been drinking Senator John McCain's Metamucil. From the Wall Street Journal:

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of the Democrats' most likely potential allies on a range of legislation, said in an interview he would no longer work with the majority party on an immigration overhaul. He said because of the Democrats' tactics in passing the package, the "well has been poisoned."

Mr. Graham also has been working with Democrats on climate change, and that cooperation, too, appears in doubt. "Climate and energy are another heavy lift. We'll see," Mr. Graham said. "The consequences of health care being done this way are enormous to the body." Mr. Graham's initiatives would probably not have received significant Congressional attention this year in any case, but his posture signals one potential route for the party.

So, the Democratic majority attempted to reach out to the Republican minority on health care reform, and the Republicans snubbed them. The Democrats offered concessions and compromises on the bill, but the Republicans refused, spreading their own negative attacks, hatred, death panels, and fear-mongering in an attempt to kill the health care reform bill. The Democrats ignore the Republicans and pass the health care reform bill, to which the Republicans are now complaining that the Democrats have "poisoned the well," and will refuse to work on any legislation? Seems to me that the Republicans have refused to work on any legislation with the Democrats, bringing this country down to the gutter in hopes that President Obama will fail, and the GOP can regain control over Congress, possibly the White House. If anything, the Republicans are being poisoned by drinking their own Metamucil.

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