Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney campaign uploads video: "Mitt does not disdain poor," then pulls video off their site

I found this video, through Americablog, with the original source at Buzzfeed.  According to Buzzfeed, the Romney campaign released this video on their official campaign site of Mitt's wife, Ann Romney, giving an interview to Denver's Fox 31 News station over the comments Romney made on writing off half the country as moochers to his millionaire donors. Here is the video:

John Aravosis, at Americablog, likens Ann Romney as one of "the red-shirted characters on Star Trek. When they show up in a scene you know something bad is about to happen, though in her case it means it's already happened. To bring her out every single time the campaign makes a disastrous mistake. At this point she's not fixing the problem anymore, she's telegraphing it." And in one sense, it is true. I'm guessing that Ann Romney was scheduled to be interviewed by Fox 31 News well before this latest Romney gaffe took place today. I don't know what talking point Ann Romney was planning to recite, but the Romney gaffe forced her to back peddle, and polish the latest, stinking turd the campaign has presented. You watch the video, Ann Romney does look haggard and disheveled. I don't think she's having a blast on the campaign, and is probably ready to kill a few campaign advisers.

And yet, the Romney campaign seems to be in panic mode now. Daily Kos has posted a timeline, showing the Romney campaign taking almost three hours to respond to the release of the video with a press release, and then another three hours for Mitt Romney to make his TV press statement. It is almost like the campaign was paralyzed, possibly realizing they had pretty much lost the election. Maybe they did not know what to do, and latched on to any source of denial they could present. Hence, the Fox News interview to be posted on the campaign website, only to be removed for....Why? Is it really because Ann Romney is tired of being the red-shirt guy on Star Trek--always getting killed by the blood-sucking alien monster in the first five minutes of the episode? Again, this shows the Romney campaign, not as a well-oiled machine, but a car filled with red-shirted clowns.

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