Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Morning Cartoongs--Top Ten Worst Nostalgic Cartoons

For today's Saturday Morning Cartoons, how about the Top Ten Worst Nostalgic Cartoons?  Presented by Pause / Break Reviews, it appears these are reviews for cartoons shown in the 1990s and 2000 decades.

From what I've seen on cartoons, Cow and Chicken was just too weird of a story for me to watch.  I couldn't understand the show at all.  Sonic the Hedgehog was a bad rip-off of the video game.  In fact, quite a few of the cartoons were bad rip-offs of  video games, or movies, or who knows what toy tie-in.  Ghostbusters as a cartoon?

It is rather interesting about how much of a tie-in there is between cartoons and merchandise.  It doesn't matter whether the merchandise came out first, or the cartoon.  I will say that the Number One cartoon in this list is based on a Japanese trading card game (No, not Pokemon).  Hell, I even remember the blatant tie-in between the G.I. Joe cartoons of the 1980s and the rampant toy merchandising that came out the next day.  Seems like nothing has changed.

The one cartoon that I disagree on is his Number Four pic on the Fairly Oddparents.  It is not the best cartoon, but still somewhat entertaining.  The reviewer complains that each episode follows the same plot line structure:  Timmy makes a wish from his godparents, Timmy gets in trouble from making his wish, Timmy and his Godparents find a way to resolve the trouble and turn everything back to normal.  To me, it is not about the story or plot of the show--it is about the details and inside cultural and social jokes within the show that makes Fairly Oddparents entertaining.  I see Fairly Oddparents plot structure similar to the Road Runner cartoons of the 1950s--Coyote wants to catch Roadrunner.  Coyote invents schemes with gadgets in attempt to catch Roadrunner.  Each attempt fails, and Coyote goes back to drawing board to invent new scheme with new gadgets.  The fun part here is seeing the design of the scheme, the gadget, and how the Coyote will fail in the attempt.  I'll take watching Fairly Oddparents over the rest of these cartoons in this list.

Then again, maybe I grew up in a different time in watching cartoons.

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