Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Giuliani: "No Executive Experience"

I found this YouTube video, through Americablog, in which former GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani told Brian Williams on MSNBC today that “this is not the time to have somebody with no executive experience as President of the United States.” Now I'm certain that Giuliani was attacking Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for his lack of "executive experience," considering that Obama has been a U.S. senator. However, Giuliani fails to acknowledge that Republican presidential candidate John McCain also does not have any executive experience since, according to Giuliani's quote, McCain is also a U.S. senator from Arizona. In other words, both candidates do not have the "executive experience" that Giuliani claims is important at this time. Talk about a real stupid thing to say Mr. Noun, Verb, and a 9/11. From YouTube:

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