Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olberman chastises McCain to "grow up" in Special Comment

Here is Keith Olbermann's Special Comment from August 18, 2008 in which Olbermann chastises Republican presidential candidate John McCain to stop acting like a child with the McCain campaign complaining of media scapegoating McCain over his comments during the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, and McCain's violation of the "cone of silence" during Rick Warren's Presidential Forum at the Saddleback. Olbermann's Special Comment really shows the true nature of the McCain campaign here. It is a baseless campaign that will go to any depths in order to negatively attack Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with character attacks, lies, slander, mudslinging, or even the kitchen sink, at Obama. The McCain campaign, now controlled by the Rovians, will make no attempt at defining McCain on the issues and policies, except in the vaguest of terms--and even then they will lie about McCain's flip-flops. It is a campaign that demands the mainstream media to follow their rules in questioning and criticizing everything that Barack Obama says, but ignoring anything that John McCain may say--and if the media even starts to question McCain, then the campaign throws a hissy fit. It is a campaign to elect an arrogant, spoiled, temper-tantrumed, ignorant, rich kid into the White House. And Olbermann calls out McCain for his childish behavior. From MSNBC.Com:

The transcript can be found here.

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