Wednesday, February 05, 2014

CNN Poll: Americans want less income inequality and government to reduce the gap

Well, isn't this an interesting poll from
(CNN) – A majority of Americans surveyed believe the government should work to reduce the income gap between rich and the poor, according to a new national poll.
A CNN/ORC International survey released Wednesday indicates more than six in 10 Americans strongly or somewhat agree that the government should work to narrow that gap, compared to 30% who believe it should not.
"That sentiment may put Republicans in a difficult position, because nearly seven in 10 of those surveyed believe GOP policies favor the rich compared to the 30% of respondents who said Democratic policies benefit the wealthy," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.
The results come after President Barack Obama made a major push in his State of the Union address last week for policies curbing income inequality.
The White House has billed 2014 as a 'Year of Action' and efforts to stem the widening gap between the rich and poor has become a cornerstone of the administration's agenda.
Opinion on the income gap appears to have changed little since the Reagan era. In 1983, 68% of Americans favored government action to narrow the divide. Today, that number stands at 66%.
Most Republicans oppose such measures, and nine in 10 Democrats favor them. Among independents, two-thirds believe the government should work to reduce the income gap.

Higher income earners agree. Fifty-seven percent of Americans who earn more than $100,000 a year said the government should help decrease the income inequality.
There is a gender gap on this issue as well, with women, at 70%, slightly more likely to favor measures to reduce the gap than men, at 62%.
I am not sure of what else to say here, except that two days ago, the New York Times ran a story, saying that businesses are now catering their products and service to the upper rich class, and forgoing the middle class. When you have 85 of the richest people on earth owning as much wealth as the bottom half of the global population, you have a serious problem here. The middle and working class has no money to spend on products and services that businesses need to sell.  No money to spend means no economic demand--there are only so many $4,000 refrigerators that the uber-rich are willing to buy.  And I certainly do not see these 85 of the richest people on earth willing to donate part of their fortune to alleviate this income gap--These are the individuals who will "retire" to their walled, private city of Eko Atlantic, surrounded by a slumville. 

Which leaves the government to take care of this situation.  Unfortunately, the government will not solve this situation, as the uber-rich, and mega corporations have just about purchased the politicians to do their bidding.  The only way things are going to change is when Americans wake up, and start demanding that the government institute such changes.  Otherwise, when things get so bad to the point where Americans have nothing else to lose, the country could end up in a dangerous time.

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