Saturday, February 08, 2014

Introducing the Submarine Hotel--For only $149,000 per person per night!

I found this story via, which even I can't believe:
If candy and flowers won't cut it this Valentine's Day, one high-end travel organization is offering an experience that's sure to be remembered.
The Lovers Deep offers the chance for an adventurous, rich — and not claustrophobic — couple to spend an evening below sea level. The sky-high price of $140,000 per person for one night doesn't include airfare.
The swanky submarine is an over-the-top — or shall we say below-the-deep — luxury experience billed as the "Mile Low Club" that offers members the luxe services of a chef, a butler, and a captain who cater to the two guests.
The vessels start from about 40 feet long. The hefty price tag includes romantic gestures aplenty. The package includes rose-petal scattering, Barry White on the soundtrack, and a dinner that serves up oysters, caviar, and chocolate fondant.The leisure submarine "is designed to your personal specification and built as a unique, one-off trip of a lifetime that you'll never forget," according to the website for Oliver's Travels.
"This is now Oliver's Travels' most unique, luxury and expensive 'property' on the site," spokeswoman Rachel Aldersley told Yahoo in an email. "We don't believe other travel rental companies offer an underwater vacation like this one."
As underwater vacations go, you can't beat the view. Guests can choose where to dock, "whether that be a stunning coral reef off the coast of St. Lucia or a sunken battleship in the Red Sea," the press release notes.
Good news for moguls who like subs (looking at you, James Cameron): Since this property was just added, Lovers Deep hasn't received any bookings yet — so now's the chance.
You can view the pictures of this Submarine Hotel here: 

In the back of my mind, I can just hear Robin Leach gush about how "swanky" this submarine hotel is, where you and your sweetie can enjoy your "champagne wishes and caviar dreams." In a sense, I wonder if I am living in the 1980s, watching recycled versions of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The Travel Channel is famous for showing these series of people flaunting outrageous wealth--Extreme Houseboats, Extreme Yachts, World's Hottest Hotels, and Island Secrets. The cable channel Destination America has such series Epic Homes and Epic Log Cabins. Destination America even had a series, showing "Epic Bathrooms!" Epic Bathrooms???

I could go on a rant in saying that the wealthy have too much money, or present statistics in showing this inequality of wealth. In one sense, it doesn't matter. But then you have these stories of $140,000 a night stay in a submarine, and the extreme wealthy building their own private city outside the slums of Nigeria. And they are flaunting this extreme wealth in showing how much they've spent building their epic home, epic log cabin, epic bathroom! A functioning society can not exist with this type of extreme inequality, where a small segment of the population has taken all the wealth, and then gives the middle finger to the rest of society. Something will crack, and you will see a class warfare that may become violent and bloody.

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