Friday, January 06, 2006

Falwell Backs Alito

If there is one reason why liberals and progressives should block Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito from being selected, it is right here. From the Washington Post:

The Reverend Jerry Falwell says he’s backing Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito because he trusts that President Bush picked someone who opposes abortion.

But the Lynchburg minister and Liberty University chancellor says that senators shouldn’t ask Alito whether he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Falwell and other Christian leaders are scheduled to speak at a nationally broadcast rally this Sunday, on the eve of Alito’s confirmation hearings.

Falwell says President Bush promised to pick justices “who are like Scalia and Thomas” and he trusts that “the president is keeping his word.”

“Justice Sunday Three” will be broadcast Sunday evening by satellite into churches and on many Christian radio and television stations.

Falwell is a founder of the Christian fundamentalist organization Moral Majority, and is as much of a right-wingnut as you can find.


whizler said...

If you're of the liberal/"progressive" persuasion, certainly there are more substanstive grounds for opposing Alito than the support of some religious fruitcake. Only the ill-informed would base a position solely on the principal of "my enemy's friend is my enemy."

Eric A Hopp said...

After what I've seen regarding the evangelists and right-wingnuts in their attacks on abortion, gay marriage, pushing their version of creationism by renaming it "intelligent design," the "War on Christmas," and some of the other theological wingnutty ideas that they have been pushing through the Republican-controlled Congress, I have a very deep suspicion of anything they say. Falwell likes Alito and call's him a justice in the mode of a Thomas. That's enough of a suspicion to consider blocking this guy--if he's getting the support from the Religious Right leaders. One thing the Religious right has always wanted was the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, amking abortion illegal. It doesn't matter whether over half the country thinks that abortion shouldn't be made illegal--having the Supreme Court overturn Roe has been the wingnuts orgasmic goal for the last 32 years.

And now we have a nominee, whose own early writings as a federal judge, and as a lawyer for the Justice Department, suggests a philosophy of overturning abortion, and perhaps many of the social reforms that we've made in this country over the past three or four decades. I don't support him. He should be blocked.