Sunday, April 02, 2006

Made some more changes here....

Author's note: Well, I guess you can see I made some more changes here. I thought it would make the site a little more interesting by breaking up the links a little, and by adding more links. The basic template is still the same. Here are the changes:

The Internet Search Links are just what they say--links to the different search engines on the web. Instead of just the same old Yahoo, Google and MSN search engines, I thought I'd add a few others such as Altavista, Hotbot, and would be the old Ask Jeeves engine, revamped and marketed through the humorous television commercial with all the monkeys trying to surf the net in the coffee shop.

News and Information Websites are the mainstream media sites. This is where you can find all the corporate press websites. I've also added some online magazines--American Prospect, Atlantic Monthly, Christian Science Monitor, Fox News, ABC & CBS news, Salon, Slate, NPR, and two of my own local Bay Area papers of The San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Jose Mercury News.

Political Blogs and Resources is something just slightly different. I thought I would take some of the hard-lined political blogs, and group them into their own section. These are the blogs that talk all politics and news. Here you will find Americablog, Bring It On, Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, Dark Wraith, Huffington Post, Media Matters, Smirking Chimp, Think Progress, and Washington Monthly among others. I've also included Wikipedia--the online encyclopedia here. There has been a few times that I've been posting, and suddenly discovered I needed to get into an encyclopedia for some quick reference work.

Policy Institutes are the websites of different policy institutes. This is a new thing I've decided to try out. Not only can you find a lot of information within the news sites, but you can also discover a wealth of information in policy studies created by these non-profit institutes. And there are even more non-profit institutes I have yet to discover! One interesting note--I've included the Project for a New American Century link here, which will contain the PNAC Doctrine.

Interesting Blogs and Websites are all the other blogs that I've linked to, and a few more. My own personal website is listed at the top. Some of my own favorite, such as Dependable Renegade, Shakespeare's Sister, Catharine Chronicles, Jackie Passey, and Wonkette are found here. And I've included some new ones such as Lance Mannion, Ezra Klein, James Wolcott, Pam's House Blend, and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I've also place Mark Fiore's political cartoons here, along with some new comics from uComics and the Association of American Political Cartoonists. While a number of these blogs do talk about politics, they will also take on other social and cultural subjects to both entertain and make you reflect on the issues. It is the reason I've placed these blogs in their own category, rather than lumping them with the Political Blogs.

That is pretty much what I've done. There is also some small shifting around with the Technorati Profile, and an inclusion of a Google Search bar to search both web and my blog postings. I hope you will continue to enjoy reading my blog, and exploring the new links. Eric A Hopp

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