Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Video of DeLay's Withdrawal

Crooks and Liars has the video of Tom DeLay's withdrawal announcement. Now Crooks and Liars noted how shaky DeLay's hands were, when he presented his withdrawal. And it is true--DeLay's hands do seem to move a bit, and shake, showing perhaps nervousness on DeLay's part. But I want to call on another observation in this video, and that is the background. Look at the background in this pic of DeLay's televised speech:

Office of Tom Delay, via Associated Press

Look at the props in the background. There is a seal for the House of Representatives hanging in the background and the Texas star, with the letters "UH," on the bookshelf. I'd say the letters UH represents the University of Houston, where DeLay attended for his bachelors. And above that star is the space shuttle, which could represent Johnson Space Control Center in Houston Texas. The American flag isn't just hanging to the left, but it is slightly draped across the bookshelf, or table. It is almost like the flag is slightly fluttering in the wind. The American flag is also partially covering the UH star's frame--but not the star itself. Could the GOP spin-meisters be wrapping the American flag around the state of Texas--as represented by the UH star? You've got a picture of DeLay's daughter Danielle(?) right next to him, to where the viewers can see her. There are two other statues on the other side of DeLay's desk. One small statue appears to be an elephant--representing the Republican Party? I can't say what the other statue is.

So this set is actually rich in symbolism, showing either the real, or perceived, accomplishments of Tom DeLay. I have to wonder if this is also a message to DeLay's Republican supporters--especially to the Republicans in the 22nd District. The background set could be DeLay's way of telling his constituents, "This is what I gave you during my time in the House." And more, it could be a way of telling his constituents not to throw it all away by electing Democratic candidate Nick Lampson. In his televised address, Delay said:

Having served under Republican and Democrat control in the House, I know first hand how important it is for Republicans to maintain their national majority. A Democrat Congress in 2007 would, without doubt or remorse, raise hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes, summarily cut and run from the war on terror, and immediately initiate an unconstitutional impeachment of President Bush.

So even DeLay is reiterating the same remarks that a vote for the Democrats would be a vote for impeaching Bush, and a vote for the terrorists. Amazing.

The political spin continues on.

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