Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Schoolhouse Rocks--Verbs: That's what's Happening!

For today's Schoolhouse Rocks, let's get into some action--some happening. Let's get into some verbs here, because that's what's happening. One of the great aspects of this Schoolhouse Rock video is that the superhero Verb is black. In fact, almost all the characters in this video are black, with the setting in a New York-style, urban environment. It is like this video is either targeting education to the black community, or it was trying to provide a positive role model for the black community back the mid-1970s. Either way, it is still a fun video to watch. Music and lyrics are by Bob Dorough, with the song performed by Zachary Sanders. From YouTube:

I get my thing in action (Verb!)
To be, to sing, to feel, to live (Verb!)
That's what's happenin'

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