Tuesday, October 16, 2007

McConnell caught lying on S-Chip smear campaign

I found this YouTube video through ThinkProgress. WHAS11 News has caught Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell lying about his staff's non-involvement into the smear campaign of 12-year old Graeme Frost over the S-CHIP program. However, McConnell's communications director Don Stewart was involved in sending email letters to reporters to push this smear campaign into the mainstream news. Now McConnell has lied to the news media about his staff's involvement into this latest scandal. From YouTube:

Here is the transcript through ThinkProgress:

Q: Was there an indication that your office was trying to push reporters to dig into this 12-year old’s background?


Q: Then what was the deal with the e-mail from your staffer?

McCONNELL:There was no involvement whatsoever.

Q: From your staff.


You have got to love the hypocrisy here.

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