Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bush: Wall Street got drunk

When you are President of the United States, you should at least be careful of what you say at a public or private event. Because everything will be recorded and posted on YouTube. Unfortunately, President George W. Bush has never learned that lesson, and continues to show the world what a juvenile ass he still is.

ABC television station KTRK sent reporter Miya Shay to a Bush private fundraiser for Republican congressional candidate Pete Olson. And during that July 18th fundraiser, President Bush went about cracking some very bad jokes about how Wall Street got drunk over the excessive greed of the housing boom. You can watch the video through YouTube:

There is not much more to comment, except that Bush finds so much glee in the economic hardships that many Americans are facing due to this mortgage mess, and jokes about Wall Street got drunk with greed? Pity the poor peasants who have lost their homes to those same drunks on Wall Street. President Bush really shows just what an arrogant, insensitive, and stupid ass he is.

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