Friday, October 03, 2008

NBC New's Chuck Todd on Sarah Palin's debate performance

Here is NBC News' political director Chuck Todd's analysis of Sarah Palin's debate performance.

Chuck Todd noted that Sarah Palin gave a good personal performance in the debate, but the downside was that the McCain campaign was "running out of game-changing moments" to "change the trajectory of this race." Both candidates did well. Both candidates did not make any major mistakes. We are back at the same political campaign position as we were before the vice presidential debate. Todd believes that this VP debate will quickly fade out, as the bigger political story of McCain pulling out of Michigan dominates the news headlines. I'll say that the debate will generate enough headlines for the next three or four days, as pundits and bloggers analyze the candidates' answers.

Update: And as an added bonus, MSNBC's Chris Matthews considered Sarah Palin's debate performance was "like watching a spelling bee."

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