Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons--Bewitched Bunny

Since we're coming up on Halloween, it is only appropriate to post some wonderful Halloween cartoons. And what is more fun than to have one of my favorite cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny, take on the wickedly funny Witch Hazel in Bewitched Bunny. In Bewitched Bunny, Bugs disguises himself as a truant officer to save Hansel (Hansel? *Blink Blink* Hansel??) and Gretel from being eaten by Witch Hazel. Bugs then becomes the main course for Witch Hazel's rabbit stew. And the fun then begins. Pay attention to Warner's rubbing of Disney where, after Bugs eats a poisoned carrot and falls asleep, Prince Charming dramatically rides in to kiss Bugs' hand to awaken him--Well, thanks a lot Mac for bringing me out of that. But you're looking for Snow White. This here's the story of Hansel and Gretel (Hansel? *Blink Blink* Hansel??). From YouTube:

Ahhh, your mother rides a vacuum cleaner!

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