Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tina Fey wickedly slams Sarah Palin in two SNL skits

For the past two weeks, former Saturday Night Live cast member Tina Fey has agreed to return to SNL for a series of skits parodying Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. And Tina Fey was just brilliant, completely spot-on with Palin's tone, mannerisms, and her behavior. Tina Fey looks like a dead-ringer for Sarah Palin. Here is Fey's first Palin skit, with Amy Poehler playing Hillary Clinton, from SNL's September 20th show:

And here is Fey's second Sarah Palin skit, parodying Palin's interview with CBS's Katie Couric, again played by Amy Poehler, on September 27th:

Of course, the SNL writers were especially brilliant in incorporating Sarah Palin's own answer during the Couric interview into the Tina Fey parody. From Keith Olbermann:

It is really bad when a candidate's own words are being used as the punchline for a comedic sketch. Tomorrow, Palin will be attending the vice presidential debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. I wonder what the SNL writers will be creating from Palin's debate with Biden?

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