Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Tree Friends--Flippin' Burgers!

Okay, I think I'm becoming a fan of these Happy Tree Friends cartoons. They are just sick, disgusting, and so very funny. Today's Happy Tree Friends' cartoon is Flippin' Burgers. This is what happens when a Happy Tree Friend Flippy goes Iraq Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a burger joint. From YouTube:

I guess the Pentagon will have to purchase a lot of french fries to keep Flippy happy.


da' divinely beautiful butterfly said...

Is this what serving cheese and sausage has done to you?!!! ;)

These 'toons are as you say, sick and disgusting...the jury is out as to the funny...maybe cuz I'm not watching them in the a.m.? hmmmm

btw...isn't the Pentagon under orders to purchase only freedom fries?

Eric A Hopp said...

Miss Divine:

I will have you know that my first job was flipping burgers in a Fosters Freeze restaurant, so many years ago. We really didn't serve sausage in Fosters, however we did serve a linguine sandwich, which wasn't too bad, although it didn't sell as well as the bacon cheeseburgers. But if you work too long in a fast food joint, your mind does start to play mind tricks on you, after long hours of hard work with very little pay. Maybe I do feel a little sympathy for Flippy in his flipping out!

You are right--the Pentagon is under current Bush orders for serving freedom fries. However, when Barack Obama is sworn into the Oval Office, the Pentagon will have to stop ordering freedom fries and start purchasing French fries, since the French will obviously demand that Obama buy up their French fries as a precondition for bringing the U.S. back into the world order. Of course, the Spanish will demand that the U.S. will buy Spanish rice from them, the English will demand that the U.S. will buy up English muffins from them, and the Chinese will demand that the U.S. purchase everything from them--including the Chines chicken salad!