Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day! Palin pardons turkey amidst slaughter!

Happy Turkey Day! And in honor of our stuffing turkey this Thanksgiving, here is that wonderful video of former Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska governor Sarah Palin performing her official governing duties of pardoning a turkey for this Thanksgiving. However the shocking, breaking news isn't Sarah Palin's turkey pardon--yes, you already know what happens after Palin's pardon. From Countdown:

The irony here is just amazing. Sarah Palin pardons one turkey, and then takes questions before reporters as two turkeys are killed behind her--completely oblivious to the horrifying slaughter taking place. What is really funny is watching the turkey executioner doing his gruesome work. He's having a good old time doing his job, while watching Sarah Palin blather away as he is grinning at the TV cameras--Look Ma, I'm on TV!

Of course, this brings Keith Olbermann, since he was absent the day of Palin's turkey pardon, into this turkey fracas. From Countdown:

Maybe it is time to get rid of this annual turkey pardon?

Update: Here is the full Slate video of Palin's turkey pardon updates:

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