Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A night of speeches

Here is John McCain's concession speech from last night:

It was a very gracious speech, given by McCain, to an especially shocked and dejected crowd at how the night went. The crowd cheered at McCain's mentioning of his running mate Sarah Palin, and even refused to accept that McCain admitted responsibility for failing to win presidency--to the point of shouting "USA! USA! USA!" The crowd booed at McCain's mentioning of Obama's name, of which even McCain admonished the crowd. It was a good speech, probably one of the best McCain has made in the past couple of years. McCain spoke from his heart in this speech. He congratulated Obama for his victory, and asked his supporters to come together in working with the Obama administration for rebuilding the country.

Here is Barack Obama's victory speech from last night:

Barack Obama's victory speech was huge. Huge crowds. Screaming cheers. Tears of joy. Obama thanked the American people, his supporters, for his victory. And his supporters gave him a joyful "Your welcome."

And yet, even as the crowd was ready to celebrate, Obama cautioned the crowd in saying that the real hard work has yet to start. He talked about the problems of Wall Street and an eroding Main Street economy. He warned that "those who would tear the world down," President Obama "would defeat" them, while "those who seek peace and security," Obama would "support" them. That is a powerful statement in showing that a President Obama is willing to use force--especially in hunting down al Qaeda terrorists, and Osama bin Laden (If he's still alive). And yet, President Obama is also willing to talk to nations and leaders for the benefit of peace. This is a strong speech, where Obama is willing to work in changing America to a peaceful, and prosperous nation. Can he do it? It will be an interesting four years.

And finally, here are some YouTube video celebrations of Obama's victory from around the world:

Obama victory celebration outside the White House;

Obama victory celebration Washington DC;

Obama victory celebration in Atlanta Georgia;

Obama victory celebration in New York City;

Obama victory celebration in San Francisco;

Obama victory celebration in London, England;

Obama victory celebration from the world;

This is an incredible phenomena that I have never seen. After eight years of the Bush administration's alienation from the world, and an almost three-quarters of the American public believing that the country is the wrong track, it is almost no wonder that the citizens of the U.S., and the world, are cheering the victory of this first, African-American, president-elect. It is just amazing.

And finally, here is President George W. Bush congratulating Barack Obama's victory this morning:

I'd say that President Bush is even happy to leave his successor the entire foreign policy and economic mess that this country is in.

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