Wednesday, May 25, 2005

An Introduction

Hello. This is the first post of a new blog by yours truly Eric Austin Hopp. This blog will be my own musings and postings on political, social and economic issues that happen throughout this country and the world. And OH MAN! There is a lot of stuff happening now. Most of it is pretty much nonsense which would have nothing to do with our daily lives, except for the fact that politicians, religious leaders, or interest groups try to raise this stuff up as major issues which will affect our lives. Of course, the issues that do affect our lives, these groups will certainly want to supress. But that's the nature of politics.

So I've named the title of my blog Oh Well. Why Oh Well? As a student of politics and economics at San Jose State, I've watched, listened and learned of all the political grandstanding and back-stabbing that goes on in Washington, and to a lesser extent Sacramento. And as I watch these politicians perform a bad impression of Machiavelli, I have to shake my head and say, "Oh Well." It goes on day in and day out, one side screwing the other, then will reciprocate in the future. That's the nature of politics. In its own right, it is sort of funny and amusing. So I'll provide my own comments and analysis of the issues and stories that come up during the day. If it makes you smile, laugh, shake your head and say, "Oh Well," then perhaps I've done my job here.

So I hope you enjoy the start of this blog.

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