Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cheney Heckled by Anti-War Protesters

This is from Yahoo News:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Vice President Dick Cheney was heckled by peace protesters Tuesday as he spoke at the groundbreaking for a public policy center honoring former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker.

During Cheney's remarks, about a half-dozen people protesting the war in Iraq yelled, "War, what is it good for?" and held up a large banner saying, "Peace Now."

Cheney continued speaking and didn't acknowledge the protesters, who were escorted from the ceremony inside the University of Tennessee's basketball arena.

About 50 protesters, most of them appearing to be college age, demonstrated outside. Several carried signs, including one that read "Honor Baker, Impeach Cheney."

Cheney during the event lauded Baker, a Republican who was President Reagan's chief of staff and ambassador to Japan.

"It's good to know that far into the future people will come to this place and learn of Howard's career and his deep belief in the nobility of public service," Cheney said.

About 400 people attended the ceremony, which coincided with Baker's 80th birthday.

I'm surprised that Cheney didn't address the protesters with his famous comment of $%&# You!

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