Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fox News producer for John Gibson: Edwards "whored his wife's cancer as a fundraising gimmick."

The right wing-nuts are just going crazy over at Fox News. I found this posting on both Americablog and Daily Kos here. The original source is through Media Matters:

On the August 3 edition of Fox News host John Gibson's nationally syndicated radio program, the show's executive producer, who goes by the name "Angry Rich" on the program, claimed Democratic presidential candidate former Sen. John Edwards (NC) "whored his wife's cancer as a fundraising gimmick." He also went on to call him "a fraud" and "a pansy." Gibson referred to Edwards as "the Breck Girl," "Silky," and "the biggest fraud running for president." Gibson and "Angry Rich" were attacking Edwards for saying that Democratic candidates should give back campaign contributions from News Corp., the parent company of Fox News Channel, while accepting advance and expense money from HarperCollins, another News Corp. division that had published a book written by Edwards; Gibson played an audio clip of Edwards stating that money was donated to charity. They also attacked Edwards for his refusal earlier this year to participate in a debate co-sponsored by Fox News.

From the August 3 edition of Fox News Radio's The John Gibson Show:

GIBSON: Fraud alert. Fraud alert. This is Angry Rich's favorite subject, and it's getting to be mine as well.

AUDIO CLIP: Fraud alert.

GIBSON: Our John Gibson program fraud alert today focuses on the biggest fraud running for president, and that takes some doing. We're talking about the Breck Girl, Silky, the former senator from North Carolina, the baron of a 28,000-square-foot manse, the protector of the poor while ensconced on a pillow of 100 million dollars.

ANGRY RICH: A man who whored his wife's cancer as a fundraising gimmick.

GIBSON: John Edwards today was going after other Democratic candidates, and by other he meant Hillary Clinton, for taking money as political contributions from Rupert Murdoch or from certain employees or executives of either the Fox News Channel or News Corporation, which owns the Fox News Channel. Edwards has a real kind of problem about Fox. He just -- well, actually he doesn't have a problem about Fox. He realizes there are a whole bunch of really far-lefters who hate Fox and he's busy sucking up to them.

And here is the YouTube clip of the exchange:

This is about as a disgusting and sickening personal attack against any politician that I've seen--whether it be a Democrat or a Republican. What is not astounding is that this comment came from a producer of a Fox News program--Fox News is practically a propaganda arm for the Republican Party. What is astounding is the depth of the extreme hatred and slander that comes from these supposed "journalists." Neither John Gibson or his executive producer can criticize Edwards on his political policies, or his ideas--instead Gibson and his executive producer resort to this slimy attack of Edwards "whoring" his wife for political gain. The guttural language of this attack is uncalled for. I could say that such language should result in the firing of both Gibson and his executive producer from Fox News, but we know that will never happen. If anything, Gibson and his executive producer will be praised in conducting this extreme hatred of an attack. Because that is all the conservative right wing of the Republican Party has for debating the issues and problems that face this country. We've had seven years of Bush administration screw-ups with Iraq, the crushing debt, the increasing inequality between the upper rich and everyone else, the growing health care crisis, the Katrina disaster, the attorney scandal, and the erosion of civil liberties with the rise of a police state here. The Republicans cannot seriously debate on these issues. So instead, they are reduced to conducting malicious character attacks against their opponents.

As November 2008 gets closer, we're going to see more of these malicious character attacks coming from Fox News and the Republican Party.

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