Friday, August 31, 2007

The Thompson un-campaign will officially announce on September 6

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this special news announcement.

FLASH--The unofficial Fred Thompson presidential campaign will now become official when former senator Fred Thompson officially announces his candidacy on September 6th. From The Politico:

Fred Thompson will formally announce his candidacy for president next Thursday September 6th, via a webcast, political director Randy Enwright just told supporters on a conference call. Thompson will then head out on a "grass-roots tour" of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. He'll then do a second round of stumping the following week in Florida before returning to his hometown of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, on the 15th. The Thompson campaign will file their papers with the FEC on the 6th, making his candidacy official and bringing an end to his "testing-the-waters" stage.

On the night of the 6th, Thompson's campaign will hold a "national home party" to rally supporters across the country, Enwright said. Having already announced his bid, the candidate will call in from the road to tell supporters how the first day has gone. Among his first stops that day will be to Des Moines, Iowa. The night before his cyber-debut, Thompson will tease his announcement one last time in an appearance on "The Tonight Show."

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