Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff--The Hamster Dance verses The Spinning Hamsters

I've been browsing through YouTube here, and found an interesting little video reinventing the famous Hamster Dance. You should remember The Hamster Dance. It was a simple web page, created by Canadian art student Deidre LaCarte, showing four types of animated hamsters, repeating themselves in rows and rows, dancing to the Disney tune Whistle Stop. This simple webpage has become an incredible web fad.

Well, the Dancing Hamsters have never really gone away. I found this YouTube video of a Dancing Hamster Remix that is quite funny:

And not to be outdone, I've got a YouTube video of real hamsters showing their own incredibly spinning moves that almost places their animated counterparts to shame. Call them The Spinning Hamsters. Also from YouTube:

Which hamsters do you like?

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