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Daily Headliners--Romney flip-flops, McCain flop-flips, Bush on accountability, President Woody cuts taxes

How about some Daily Headliners here.

Good God Mitt Romney sucks: That's the title for this incredible Americablog story. Americablog lays out a strong case of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney lying (or is the politically correct term flip flopping?) on the issues of abortion and illegal immigration. What is even more amazing is how Romney is using these latest lies to attack his fellow GOP candidates Rudy Giuliani and John McCain on the issue of illegal immigration. Mitt Romney has become the latest GOP candidate to say or do anything in order to get into the White House.

After Four Years of Certainty, McCain ‘Not Positive We Can Win’ In Iraq: This ThinkProgress story is a big admission on Senator John McCain's part;

“I’m not positive we can win this fight,” he told about 150 people at a $50-a-person fundraiser in a Highland Township barn. “But I believe we’re winning. The Anbar province is dramatically better and Baghdad has some neighborhoods that are much more secure.”

John McCain has been a big backer of the Bush administration's failed war in Iraq, even going to the point of calling for more American troops in Iraq than President Bush was proposing. The McCain campaign strategy was to court the hard-lined conservative base that is still supporting the Bush war by making McCain even more pro-war than Bush was. That strategy has backfired badly, sending the McCain campaign into a tailspin. I'm wondering if McCain is scrambling to shift his extreme pro-war views as a means to capture GOP votes that have been going to the Romney or Giuliani campaigns.

President Bush on accountability: This is just amazing. President Bush flat-out lied to the Washington press corps. Here is the transcript of the president's press briefing. Here is the YouTube video;

President Bush gave Scooter Libby a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card just after a U.S. Court of Appeals judge rejected Libby's request to postpone his incarceration. Having Scooter Libby spend one day in jail was just too much for President Bush, who then commuted Libby's sentence, saying that a $250,000 fine was punishment enough. Of course, Libby (Or should I say The Scooter Libby Defense Fund) quickly paid the fine off. President Bush praised Libby, even as Libby resigned from his position as chief of staff for Vice President Cheney. And Alberto Gonzales--look at how many times he has lied to Congress! President Bush holds no one accountable in his administration, even as he consistently lies about "accountability" in his administration.

Bush May Try to Cut Corporate Tax Rates: With the Dow dropping over 380 points on investor fears of credit crunch, the Bush administration has decided that its economic policy to calm Wall Street investors is....Another round of tax cuts! Only this time it is cutting corporate tax rates. Reading this story, I'm reminded of an older post I wrote about the similarities between President Bush and a certain Toy Story character. I think it would be useful to resurrect that post again:

President Woody was a somewhat satirical essay that I had written for a friend. When the 2000 elections were underway between Al Gore and George Bush, I noticed an interesting similarity between the Republican presidential candidate, and a certain well-known Toy Story character. Hence, the idea for writng a little satirical essay had sprouted within my mind. I wrote it, sent it off to my friend, then just about forgot about it. Until now.

And this weekend seems like a perfect time to publish this little essay. The essay was written just after the invasion of Iraq, although the idea has been within my head since 2000. Enjoy it for a good laugh. E.H.

President Woody

In examining how badly the current Democratic leadership is self-destructing with their failure in developing a coherent opposition strategy against the Bush Administration, I would suggest that the top Democratic officials (Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, Terry McAullif), resign from their positions in politics and enter into a business venture of producing toys. One of the hottest toys they could produce this year could be The President Woody doll.

That’s right—The President Woody doll. President Woody would be a one-foot high doll, with the face in the likeness of President George W Bush, while dressed as the character Woody in the Pixar movie Toy Story. President Woody. He would have an empty gun holster, a shiny gold star emblazoned with the presidential seal, and a highly technological drawstring, which when pulled, would provide the American voter a recording of such Bush witticisms as:

“The government has a surplus—We must cut taxes!”

“The United States is in a recession—We must cut taxes!”

“A giant killer asteroid is heading towards the United States—We must cut taxes!”

Of course, if the Democratic leadership can act now, a new 2004 version of President Woody—The Commander-In-Chief Edition can be produced. Our hero President Woody—dressed in cammo fatigues—can carry the fight against the dangers of world terrorism. Pull the drawstring and President Woody could proclaim:

“We must invade Iraq because Saddam has amassed weapons of mass destruction!”

“We must invade Iraq because Saddam is harboring terrorists!”

“We must invade Iraq because Saddam is a bad guy!”

“There’s a snake in my boots—Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just Dick Cheney!”

Yes, President Woody. It can become a surprised hit in the toy industry. If market studies show that half the American public either loves George W Bush or hates George W Bush, the President Woody doll can be marketed equally on both sides of the political spectrum. Democrats could buy the President Woody doll to show their anger and cynicism of the current occupant in the White House, while Republicans can buy President Woody since he reiterates the same dull tired statements that the current president will say. The dolls can be manufactured here in the United States—thus providing jobs for unemployed Americans. By entering into this new toy venture, Democratic leaders could possibly open their eyes and see the example of cut-throat, dog-eat-dog, capitalistic hard-ball, business tactics which exists in the United States and use those lessons in the 2008 election. Republicans use those tactics all the time. And finally, all proceeds from the sales of the President Woody doll can be used to fund the 2008 Democratic presidential election for Hillary.

And coming soon in 2005—President Woody: The Space Cadet Edition, where our hero is dressed in a Buzz Lightyear Spacesuit!

Order your President Woody Doll Today! Hurry--While supplies last!

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