Friday, September 26, 2008

Did McCain really suspend his campaign?

I guess this is John McCain's definition of a suspended campaign. From YouTube:

This is just another razzle-dazzle publicity stunt, by the McCain campaign, to keep the news media focused on John McCain. It is meaningless bull crap. The McCain campaign offices were open, the ads were playing, the campaign was taking in donations. The only thing different was that John McCain stepped away from the campaign trail to attend a photo-op meeting with President Bush and Democratic candidate Barack Obama, and try to score more political brownie points for the McCain campaign. Of course, McCain also announced that he will not attend tonight's presidential debate unless a Wall Street bailout deal is passed by Congress, and signed by Bush. But talks broke down last night with House Republicans rejecting Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700 plus billion Wall Street bailout plan. So John McCain is in another pickle here--will he "honor" his word and cancel tonight's debate with Obama, giving Obama an exclusive 90-minute town hall meeting to present his position? Or will McCain eat his own words, and attend the debate? If McCain does attend tonight's debate, then why the sudden reversal, when McCain claimed that he wouldn't attend the debate if Congress didn't pass a bailout plan? Another razzle-dazzle trick play by the McCain campaign to generate headlines.

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