Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama campaign ad--Fundamentals

Here is Barack Obama's campaign ad, attacking John McCain for claiming that the "fundamentals" of the American economy are still strong, even as Lehman Brothers was going bankrupt. From YouTube:

This is not a bad 30-second ad to attack McCain on. This is the way you attack John McCain on the economy. You hammer at him with his own words, showing just how clueless John McCain is when confronted with complex economic issues. You also attack McCain's lies and hypocrisy on the issues of deregulation and government oversight. You link McCain with Phil Gramm, and Gramm's own involvement in destroying the wall between banks and investment firms which caused this subprime mortgage mess in the first place. And finally, you always show a picture of McCain with Bush, constantly reinforcing in the American voters' minds that John McCain is running for a third Bush term.

And finally, you keep attacking McCain again and again.

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