Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin says "perhaps so" in declaring war on Russia

Sarah Palin gave her first interview with ABC's Charles Gibson. Here is a YouTube video, through Americablog, on Palin's views over the crisis between Russia and Georgia:

This lady doesn't know shit from shinola on foreign policy (My apologies for the coarse language). The last thing you want to do is start a shooting war with another nuclear superpower--in this case, a shooting war between nuclear-tipped United States and a nuclear-tipped Russia. You don't even say "perhaps" we need to go to war with Russia over a Third World country such as Georgia. You don't even mention the words "war" and "Russia" when talking about the Georgia crisis. This type of sabre-rattling is what will turn the world into a burnt cinder. And we have a vice presidential candidate, who would be a heartbeat away from the presidency, AND THE FRICKIN' BUTTON, who just happens to think that...Gee--we might just have to go to war with Russia! This lady is beyond any sense of competence and qualifications in foreign policy to be elected into the vice president's office.

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo believes that four more years of the Bush administration would be "vastly preferable" to Sarah Palin:

Wow, going to war with Russia might be necessary if Russia invades another one of the former states of the Soviet Union. So says Sarah Palin. War with Russia over Armenia? If Russia and Georgia go at it again? War between the US and Russia sure would be a positive development for the US. And sort of shows the consequences of taking a freshman governor with no experience in foreign policy and giving her a ten day crash course with Randy Scheunemann and the rest of John McCain's neocon brain trust that got booted from the Bush inner circle for being too nutty.

Late Update: Do we all understand now why former Sen. Chafee (R-RI) called her a "cocky whacko" earlier this week?

Josh Marshall is right. This is the consequence of taking a freshman governor, with no experience in foreign policy, and sticking her in the second most powerful office in this nation. But Marshall also brings up an even more scary point to consider. Sarah Palin's foreign policy education was given by Randy Scheunemann, a McCain lobbyist whose firm is a client of Georgia. In other words, the McCain lobbyist is developing a McCain administration's U.S. foreign policy which provides huge profits for Scheunemann's lobbying firm through its contracts with the Georgian government. So you could say that Sarah Palin is willing to go to war, and send many young Americans home in flag-draped coffins, to protect Scheunemann's greed.

This is both scary and disturbing.

Update: Here is the full Sarah Palin interview by Charles Gibson:

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