Friday, September 05, 2008

Meet Sarah Palin

On Wednesday, Alaskan governor Sarah Palin gave her acceptance speech for the vice presidential nomination at the Republican convention. Here is the video:

And here is the transcript of her speech.

I will say this, Sarah Palin gave an excellent speech. In fact, Palin's speech was far better than John McCain's presidential nomination speech, a day later. The Republicans should have had John McCain speak first, and then present Palin. She was confident, poised, and spoke like a "hockey mom" ready to take on a "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington," to root out government corruption, waste and fraud. The Republican conventioneers loved her. And this is going to be a real danger for Barack Obama and the Democrats. Because Sarah Palin can bring out this sweet, innocent, "hockey mom" persona to the campaign trail in continuing to attack Obama as an "elitist," even though she is just as an elitist as Obama is (While John McCain takes the top spot in elitism). Look past the "hockey mom" persona that Palin is trying to project in this election, and you will see a woman who is not just right-wing crazy, but vindictive in taking down those who refuse to bow to her demands, extreme pro-life, extreme anti-feminist, and who is sympathetic to the Alaskan Independence Party's desire to secede from the United States. What Obama and the Democrats will need to do is to attack Sarah Palin's extremist views, and her flimsy record to show that Palin is not just unqualified for the VP office, but that her views are outside of mainstream American, outside of the moderates and independents. That may be a challenge, especially since the McCain campaign has been calling everyone who seriously questions Sarah Palin's views and qualifications as 'sexist.'

It will be a long 60 days.

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